Registration and Participants

Full Course Program (Including Group Project) for Undergraduate or Fresh Graduate

Dental, medical, or nursing students (3rd year or above), dental hygienist undergraduate program (2nd year or above), or other majors related to AI/VR/AR or robotics are eligible to enroll in this program. This course also opened for fresh graduate dentists, doctors, dental hygienists, nurses (maximum 1 year after graduation, proved by graduation certificate). Participants eligible in this criteria will be able to get three credits points.

Lecture-only Course Program (Only for Graduate Students)
Graduate students from medical, dental, nursing, or other majors related to AI/VR/AR or robotics especially related to the course’s topic will be eligible to join through this program. Participants should be able to show the student ID or other documents that mentioned that they are a graduate student.

Prior to registration, all participants should prepare documents as follow:

-formal portrait photograph

-color scanned of valid ID (contain photograph)

-student ID or other eligible documents